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Child Sponsorship

  • €30
A childhood stolen by poverty

War and political instability, vulnerability to natural disasters and lack of employment opportunities for families have plunged millions of people into appalling conditions.

A staggering 836 million people worldwide currently live in extreme poverty. Nearly half of whom are children.

1 child in poverty is 1 child too many.

Without a stable home, access to healthcare or an education, their future looks bleak from the moment they take their very first breath.

The risk of child labour, early marriage, and sexual exploitation are all too common for these vulnerable members of society.

It shouldn’t be like this and you can help make a difference.

Sponsor a child today.

Every child has the right to a nourishing upbringing, safe from harm, with access to education, healthcare and the emotional support needed to develop the potential found in every one of us.

For as little as £1 a day - you can sponsor a child who desperately needs your help.

Your sponsorship will not only provide food, healthcare and security but also give them access to an education. Your support will help improve a life from childhood into the early years of adulthood. Allowing them to achieve their full potential and help break the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor a child with Muslim Aid today.

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