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Indonesia Volcano and Tsunami Appeal

On 22nd December, Yet another deadly Tsunami hit Indonesia, caused by volcanic eruptions in Krakatoa. Latest reports from the grounds say:

230 people have been killed.

Over 1000 are injured.

Hundreds are missing.

Huge 3-foot Tsunami waves wreaked havoc and horror, destroying homes and buildings, sweeping away hundreds of people in terror.

In the aftermath, there has been widespread panic and hysteria as people search for missing loved ones, treat the injured and come to terms with the wide scale death.

Donate now to our Emergency Fund and help us provide emergency support in disasters like this.


Muslim Aid is on the ground with our partners, coordinating a rapid response in collaboration with government efforts.

These people need your help fast. The death toll will continue to rise as people lie injured and trapped.

We urgently need your help:

Could provide essential food, and water to a family



Could include emergency shelter kits, and hygiene facilities


Could provide emergency medical aid and support the set up and running of public kitchens


Donate to our Emergency Fund now or call 020 7377 4200.

There is no time to waste.