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Myanmar Shelter Project

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Build a home in Myanmar

The ongoing tensions in Myanmar have plunged thousands of people into a perilous state. In the Rakhine State, over 200,000 people currently remain displaced. They are homeless, hungry and suffering.

Families are resorting to desperate measures just to survive each day: sexual exploitation, child labour, abuse and crime are on the rise, compounding an already horrific situation.

Muslim Aid’s holistic response.

This is a humanitarian crisis but your help can provide our brothers and sisters in Myanmar a holistic and comprehensive solution. We are already providing displaced communities with health, education, and livelihood interventions. This Ramadan make your donations count and give them a home, transitioning them from mere survival to dignified self-sufficiency.

Your donations can make it count.

£200 provides one share of a housing unit in a shelter block.

£800 provides two housing units for 2 families (12 people).

£3,200 funds one housing block, providing homes to 8 families (48 people).

£9,600 funds three housing blocks, providing homes to 24 families (144 people)..

Make it count. Build a home in Myanmar today. Donate now.